World Environment Day Initiative

Introduction :

June 5th of each year represents World Environment Day. This occasion highlights the importance of raising awareness and generating political momentum concerning growing environmental concerns. World Environment Day is extremely crucial since it serves as a reminder for humans to understand the importance of preserving nature in our lives. From here, Peace Gate Organization for Development (PGDO) in cooperation with St. George Chaldean Catholic Parish, took the initiative and performed remarkable and impactful actions that aligned with this day’s purpose in Tellsqof – a small town located in the North of Nineveh, city of Mosul.

Initiative Progress and Activities

The implemented initiative was properly planned to ensure sustainable and fruitful outcomes. Hence, 4 main activities related to raising awareness, equipping, planting, and cleaning were executed. The aforementioned activities entailed coordination and cooperation from PGDO’s team by which a large number of volunteers from the town of Tellsqof participated to portray their support.

To start with, the team worked on raising awareness for the community regarding the importance of preserving a healthy and decent environment. This action was conducted throughout focus group discussions as well as brochure distributions. The brochures entailed call-for-action messages to make the community further aware of desertification and its consequences on our planet. Noting here that the brochures were distributed in churches, youth centers, schools, public places, etc.

Another activity was equipping 30 community members from Tellsqof with necessary environmental tools for the sake of utilizing them for such purposes. In addition, the PGDO team made sure to clean a public space by removing weeds and unwanted grass. The team used simple equipment such as trash bags, gloves, shovels, and rakes to conduct the cleaning. In parallel, the team worked on providing awareness to households neighboring these spaces to ensure that they possess the adequate knowledge for maintaining this area as well as helping the general’s public wellbeing.

Moreover, soil plowing was conducted; thus, making the soil naturally fertile and ready for planting allowing the nutrients to come to the surface. Proceeding with this, the team made sure to plant evergreen grass grains. Noting here that evergreen grass possesses an extremely notable environmental benefit which helps clean the air and improve the soil. Worth to mention that PGDO agreed with Tellsqof’s Mayor and Qaymaqam to supply the water required for the planted grass.  


This initiative mainly targets

3500 individuals of Tellsqof town

Impact and Sustainability

Upon executing the initiative, the community portrayed very positive feedback and gratefulness for the interventions performed. From here, it was evident that Tellsqof’s citizens gained a vast amount of information that will serve as a guide for them to further understand ways related to preserving nature. Moreover, the activities performed will motivate the community members to constantly take action to maintain their public areas and ensure the well-being of the society. In addition, the equipment provided to 30 individuals will assist them in the long run in the different environmental interventions. Noting here that the agreement made with the Mayor and Qaymaqam will preserve the planted grass. As a result, all the actions were implemented for the sake of ensuring sustainability and creating an impact in the community on this occasion and all other days.