Pace Gate For Development Organization

Peace Gate for Development Organization is an independent, nonpartisan, national organization playing an active part in preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts  among different tribes, ethnicities and communities in Iraq for social cohesion and reintegration. Ethnic and religious strife, extremism, competition for scarce resources all pose significant challenges to peace therefore as a part of our mandated responsibility to help prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflict, Peace Gate for Development organization is working to address issues of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion aligning with UN sustainable Development Goals for 2030 agenda because PGDO’s global approach is a departure from the systems that perpetuate inequality and discrimination. We look forward to working collaboratively with partner organizations, experts and leaders from all walks of society to actively promote human rights, good governance, equity, diversity and inclusion to attain peace.

Our vision

Peace Gate Development Organization believes in Contributing to good governance, sustainable and equitable economic development, peace and reconciliation, and civic empowerment by capacitating, mobilizing and engaging men, women and youth from all segments of the society beyond, race, color, creed, religion and ethnicity.PGDO adopts an action-oriented approach by empowering marginalized and vulnerable groups, changing social norms, such as exclusion practices and gender inequality.

Our mission

Our mission is to resolve peace conflict issues by strengthening national capacities at all levels for conflict management,countering violent extremism (CVE) and radicalism in nonviolent ways for sustainable peace and development aligning with SDG 16: justice, peace and strong institutions. PGDO has constituted peace keeping and conflict management team (PACT) with a mission to facilitating dialogue between different communal identity-based groups, to revive intergroup, inter community coordination and diminishing negative biases against each other’s, thereby reducing the risk of communal conflict escalation to support peace processes in war-torn areas. 

A way Forward for a more Peaceful Iraq