On-Job Training Activity

The Achieving Measurable Access to Livelihoods (AMAL) project, implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Blumont, supported PGDO in hiring three interns to provide them on-job training. The interns have added great value to the organization, as interns are precious resources who put in significant effort and bring valuable energy, skills and expertise with them.
Having young and fresh additions to our team did not only positively impact the organization; but it also served as a learning process for these interns. Due to PGDO’s diverse scope of interventions and regular presence on the field, the interns had the opportunity to work closely on important social issues while directly contributing to serving and supporting local communities.
PGDO provided detailed internship schedules so that the three personnel could grasp all concepts of humanitarian work and interventions during the beginning of their professional journey. It is worth to mention that these efforts also supported in boosting the interns’ communication skills and values by working and interacting with people from different backgrounds, religions, and genders.
We believe that all organizations should provide internships as they serve as a two-way addition for the interns and organization.