Introduction & Context Analysis

Tellsqof is a small town located in the North of Nineveh – the city of Mosul. It is inhabited by Iraqi Christians by which the town was subjected to a barbaric attack from the terrorist gang, ISIS. Hence, the people were forced to flee the area and move to other locations for a duration of more than three years. These families suffered encountered various challenges whereby after the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the difficulties exacerbated the families’ situations.

This situation deprived children of performing their day-to-day activities as well engage in basic actions. Peace Gate for Development Organization (PGDO) came up with an initiative to support children on the occasion of International Children’s Day which takes place on the first of June. Our organization selected this area in an attempt to raise the morale of children and entertain them through gifts and activities. These children will be provided with the supplies required in their first year of primary school.

The following action works towards motivating the Iraqis while ensuring a further sense of belonging. This supports building a more civilized society that accepts and respects one another regardless of their differences; thus, ensuring peaceful co-existence.

On International Children’s Day (June 1st, 2022), in the halls of Saint Ephrem in Tellsqof, Peace Gate for Development Organization (PGDO) organized a festive graduation event of Bait-Al Beshara Kindergarten with presence of various religious entities, stakeholders, and community members in Tellsqof

Overall Goal

Supporting a graduation celebration for kindergarten children in Tellsqof by providing them a safe and engaging space on International Children’s Day

Description of project activity

The event included various activities; which were:

Event opening with the Iraqi national anthem;

Welcoming speech for official and religious figures as well as the families and PGDO members, conducted by the kindergarten director;

Children plays and dialogue activities;

Distribution of graduation certificates and gifts to children.


Various beneficiaries were targeted in the event that took place and others participated. The following are mentioned below:

Kindergarten children

Children’s parents/families

Bishop of Alqosh

Priests of Tellsqof

Assistant Director of the Education Department of TelKaif District

Active personalities in the Tellsqof community

PGDO Impact

Upon executing the event, very positive feedback was ensured on behalf of the kindergarten and community. The kindergarten members expressed how successful the event was and the extent to which it possessed an encouraging impact on the children. The participants mentioned that the event was executed in a very organized, timely, and efficient manner.

Moreover, the stationary provided to the children was extremely crucial for the upcoming school year that motivated and excited them to return to school. In addition, the presence and participation of stakeholders and active community members ensured a smooth atmosphere within the event. Hence, the role and importance of children in the community were visualized concretely; thus, increasing the participants’ awareness and interest in the topic. PGDO ensures performing various actions that allow children to learn appropriate social behaviors, such as sharing, cooperating, and respecting others.