Advocacy & Media Relations Workshop

Duration: January 2020-March 2020

Location: Erbil

Total Beneficiaries: 500 men, women, and youth

PGDO conducted advocacy and media relations workshops for 500 men, women, and youth divided into groups. The aim of these workshops was to introduce the community to different types of media, including skills for creating and distributing effective communications. In addition, the beneficiaries showcased enhanced participation and engagement within their communities advocating for different rights.

Awareness Against Terrorism

Duration: May 2020-July 2020

Location: Erbil

Total Beneficiaries: 1,000 men, women, and youth

PGDO organized an awareness campaign against terrorism and the violation of the rights of family members through distributing posters and brochures reaching around 1,000 individuals. Moreover, PGDO organized several meetings with decision-makers in the province for the protection of families, women, and children from violence.

Distribution of Hygiene Kits for IDPs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Duration: July 2020-December 2020

Location: Erbil

Total Beneficiaries: 500 households which averages to 2,500 individuals

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PGDO targeted 500 households by distributing hygiene kits to prevent COVID spread. These kits supported vulnerable households to take necessary precautions and protect themselves from the prices. PGDO’s team also conducted hygiene promotion sessions to provide tips and tricks that can maintain hygiene and health.

Women’s Freedom and GBV Prevention Workshop

Duration: August 2020-October 2020

Location: Mosul

Total Beneficiaries: 300 women, social activists, and lawyers

PGDO organized workshops for 300 women divided into groups on thematic issues: “Women’s Rights Are Human rights”, involving the active participation of women, and 20 Media agencies in Mosul, social activists, and lawyers. The workshops tackled the laws needed to protect and ensure women’s rights as well as international laws. Moreover, the abrogation of discriminatory laws against women and girls was analyzed.