Human Rights with special focus on women rights :

  • As Human Rights are at the core of PGDO  who always advocates for the protection of women, youth and Child  at various forums through a series of activities including awareness workshops, seminars, walks and dialogues.

Protection (Gender Based Violence-GBV and Child Protection)

  • Protection in general and GBV and Child Protection in particular are other important programs of PGDO because we at the organization  believe that protection issues of women and children need to be ensured after the recent war of ISIS.
  • Under protection program we reached out to more than 100,000 beneficiaries through awareness on terrorism and violation of the rights of the families, women and children. Supported orphans girls and boys through PSS activities including providing gifts and some sessions on PSS.
  • Peace Gate for Development Organization provided GBV services to the IDPs in Jad’ah camp through awareness campaigns (campaigns on 3 different topics), PSS (100 beneficiaries), SGBV and GBV (20 beneficiaries) case management including referrals to the relevant agencies.

Glimpses from the Past Activities of Peace Gate for Development Organization

  • PGDO representatives participated in the anti-corruption and bribery conference in Erbil,

Distribution of Gifts among orphans:

  • PGDO distributed gifts to the orphan girls and boys in Mosul in order to reduce the suffering of orphans and give them a sense of care and attention from local organizations. We also fostered solidarity among women in the city with orphans.
  • In Mosul PGDO worked with civil society organizations, media. Humanitarian organizations CSOs, CBOs local bodies and city leaders regarding awareness on women’s rights and how to reduce VAW/g (violence against women and girls) , creating safe spaces for women

Workshop on Freedom of Women and the Laws:

  • workshops:  PGDO organizes workshops on thematic issues : “Women Rights are Human rights”, involving active participation of women, and 20 Media agency in Mosul,  social activists and lawyers. Discussed on it what laws are needed to protect and ensure women rights, what are women’s rights, and international laws. Moreover abrogation of discriminatory laws against women and girls were analyzed.

Celebration of International Women’s Day:

  • On International Women’s Day leaders met to discuss the challenges being faced by women in the city and how to alleviate their suffering.

Awareness Campaign

  • Peace Gate for Development Organization organized an awareness campaign against violent extremis, radicalism and violation of the rights of the family, women and children involved through the distribution of 100,000 posters and several meetings with decision makers in the province for the protection of the families, women and children from violence.

Training of First Aid:

  • Peace Gate for Development Organization conducted a training of young women in rural areas for first aid because in the rural areas the availability of health services is a challenge and people need to travel which is limited due to terrorism.  A total of 100 young men and women participated in this training program for two months.

Awareness campaign on Malta Disease

  • The awareness campaign on Malta disease was carried out through which more than 20,000 people in schools, universities and government departments on the prevention of this disease were targeted.

Festival on International Women’s Day

  • Peace Gate for Development Organization organized a Festival on International Women’s Day at the theater hall in Al-Rabiein. Participants discussed the problems of women in the city.

Participation in Advocacy Workshops:

  • Peace Gate for Development organization  representatives participated in the advocacy workshop in cooperation with ICSP

  • PGDO organized  Advocacy and Media Relations workshop in Erbil on human rights and countering violence against women