PGDO’s team met with the Czech Republic’s Consul

On Thursday, July 14th, PGDO’s team met with the Czech Republic’s Consul. This action resulted in diverse and fruitful outcomes for the sake of a long term partnership to serve the community and work towards attaining sustainability. During the meeting, various challenges and suggested initiatives and/or projects were discussed. PGDO’s team was capable of clearly presenting the organization and its scope of work. This reflected how engaged PGDO is in the local community. Hence, the organization adopts a participatory approach to assess the population’s demands and document the evident needs. Some of the topics entailed details regarding desertification and climate change consequences which are greatly impacting the society and environment. From here, it was suggested that the targeted areas require green safe spaces for local communities to spend time in and communicate with one another. Through this proposed action, PGDO will work towards preserving the community and promoting social cohesion as well as peaceful co-existence. Another topic mentioned was the importance of youth and how they tend to represent future leaders for their current and upcoming generations. Their participation and inclusion in projects can assure and shape societies as ones where people can exercise their rights and freedoms without discrimination. In addition, PGDO highlighted how it adopts this approach in addition to inclusion mechanisms within the majority of its interventions. Therefore, these discussions served as an initial step hoping for sustainable and long term results to be implemented with the support of the of Czech Republic Embassy.