PGDO’s Latest Intervention: An Awareness session on illegal immigration in Teleskof

Peace Gate for Development Organization has figured out that the local communities of Iraq are often not aware of the dangers and consequences of illegal immigration due to their lack of knowledge, fake news and hearsay about illegal border crossing highlighting irregular immigration as an easier and attractive process compared to regular migration.

 Therefore, PGDO took a Landmark initiative by organizing an awareness session on illegal immigration on Wednesday 29th December 2021, reaching out almost 1500-2000 beneficiaries in the local communities of Teleskof helping to increase general knowledge of men, women and youth on illegal immigration and exploitation, accompanying tragic incidents claiming the exploitation of smuggling and human trafficking, actions of smugglers, traffickers and harsh conditions of the irregular and precarious migration routes crossing the desert and the sea. PGDO’s Intervention was effective in reaching a broad audience in Teleskof encompassing a range of awareness-raising actions: awareness session on illegal immigration, distribution of brochures and pamphlets in the streets, schools and churches of the local communities and pasting posters on church walls, school walls and community boundaries. The awareness-raising session was a stride to increase the involvement of the communities in Telskof in the prevention and response to illegal immigration as well as bringing about changes in the attitudes, behaviors and practices underlying the irregular immigration of youth, men and women to prevent their exposure to human trafficking and smuggling.