WASH Program-Return to School- In collaboration with Embassy of Australia

PGDO’s “Return to School”: Sustainable WASH Support and Capacity Building for Bajwanya Al-Alya Mixed Primary School in Nineveh, program has been concerned of WASH, Education, disability inclusion and girl’s empowerment and supporting one mixed primary school in an under-served, remote village located in Mosul district, Nineveh. PGDO’s intervention is fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment through health and hygiene. PGDO WASH intervention, has reached out to 405 direct beneficiaries (212 girls, 180 boys, 13 teaching and admin staff, men and women) and benefitting 350 parents of children as indirect beneficiaries.

PGDO Impact

 – The project helped to foster a safe, child-friendly and inclusive learning environment at the Bajwanya Alya school through comprehensive rehabilitation and upgrading of water and sanitation facilities in the school, namely improvements to water supply and water quality control, gender-sensitive rehabilitation of latrines, rehabilitation of the school’s sewerage network as well as non-WASH improvements in the school building

– 392 (212 girls, 180 boys) students return to school on a regular basis.

Return to School community campaign helped to reduce school absenteeism in school year 2022/23, while also helping nurture children’s creative skills and hobbies.

– 13 teaching and admin staff Benefit on topics related to WASH and hygiene routines, menstrual hygiene management, care for the natural environment and inclusive practices in education helped to bring about lasting behavior changes over medium to longer term, critical given lack of essential services in Bajwanya Al-Alya, thus improving WASH situation of the community at large.

– 350 parents of children are as indirect beneficiaries.

– PGDO reached to 25 CFW (Cash for Work) workers (20 men and 5 women worked for 45 days).

– 25 Families of CFW benefited from the project.

 – The project concern not only Bajwanya but also neighboring villages connected to them those who have become aware of WASH and how to reach it.