Distribution of heaters: PGDO’s winter Aid for Two schools in Telskuf

Poverty and underprivileged living conditions are significantly impacting on the education of schoolchildren in Telskuf placing them at risk of disengaging from school with devastating long-term consequences. Peace Gate for Development Organization organized activity of distribution of heaters in two primary schools: Primary School for girls and Primary School for Boys in Telskuf , reaching out almost 540 beneficiaries of both schools. The main objective of PGDO’s activity was helping two disadvantaged schools in Telskuf because when it comes to schools, providing a good indoor climate has been shown to have a positive effect on learning as well as supporting to improve attendance and learning conditions of children in schools.

PGDO’s benevolent activity of providing 15 heaters in two primary schools has improved the School facilities and learning environment for children in Telskuf by giving them a hope of education with improved facilities in their schools to go, grow and glow!